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HNV Link

HNV Link: A network for sharing High Nature Value farming Learning, Innovation and Knowledge


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High Nature Value Farming

High Nature Value Farming

South-East Europe HNV farming network

South-East Europe HNV farming network

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Agriculture (EIP-AGRI) in Ireland 2014-20La Cañada – 2019workshop to help co-design a scheme for DartmoorGower Commons - Successional Health CheckWhy a Welsh seminar on ‘results-based payments’Locally led agri-environment schemes - from a farmer’s perspectiveResults-based approach which values and rewards crofters’ skills urgently neededHNV farming approach essential for future of Welsh upland farmingThe "green" CAP and permanent pasturesEFNCP contributes to the consolidation of the Spanish Network of Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese Makers and their work to improve policiesEFNCP participates in the recently awarded HNV-LINK H2020 project A Networking Event on Common Grazing in Europe, Brussels 18/19 November 2015




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