Together with cattle & pigs, horses & ponys have played a vital part in the shaping of the New Forest (UK)


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Farming for conservation: supporting the future

Generations of farming activity have shaped, enriched and sustained many of the most important high nature value landscapes in Europe. The conservation of these landscapes and their associated habitats and species depends on the continuation of sustainable farming practices.

The Burren region of Ireland provides an interesting example of how farming interacts with the landscape, as it is a place which has been profoundly shaped by over six thousand years of farming activity. The work of the BurrenLIFE project offers a useful case study of how the issues affecting such landscapes may be tackled in a real and meaningful way.

To explore these themes, a three day international conference entitled Farming for conservation: supporting the future took place in Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland in Feb 2008.

The report of this conference summarises the main outcomes and conclusions of the meeting and can downloaded from:

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