Together with cattle & pigs, horses & ponys have played a vital part in the shaping of the New Forest (UK)


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This Heritage Council conference will be take place in Tullamore, Ireland between 13th-16th October 2009.

The Conference aims to assess how effective current strategic and legislative provisions are in securing the sustainable development of Irish landscapes and in providing for effective landscape planning, landscape management and landscape conservation. The conference will be firmly bedded in the approach advocated in the European Landscape Convention. Cultural and natural landscapes will be considered in an integrated manner using a multidisciplinary approach.

The intent is to seek to identify the most appropriate mechanisms to secure long-term benefits for communities and their landscapes alike. Examination of the relevance of Irish landscapes to the lives of the communities and individuals who live in, work in and visit all these landscapes on a daily basis will be a central theme for discussion. Anyone interested in attending can register interest by contacting Anne Barcoe by e-mail at

Those expressing an interest now will receive details of the booking arrangements prior to general publicity of the conference. Booking will be essential as places are limited. A final programme for the conference will be circulated in spring 2009.

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